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Welcome to YalaSports Swimming Academy.

Your involvement enables you to experience the pleasure of swimming coaching in a fun competitive environment.

The academy is one of Dubai’s premier swimming academy that is running by the Director of Swimming coach Zizo along with the swimming committee providing coaching services of 7 days a week.

Our intention is to provide a high quality of swimming experience for all players residing generally in UAE communities. YalaSports emphasizes participation over winning.  We expect you to place emphasis on participation, fun, and tempering your competitive spirit. It provides detailed schemes of work and lesson plans that kids and adults will find invaluable.

Academy Divisions

Divisions will be structured according to the playing age & level that shall be divided into:

  • 5-7 years old

  • 7-10 years old

  • 10-14 years old


YalaSports will run player evaluation on a quarterly basis. We have listed five key areas that affect your success in swimming. First assess what you do now.

  • Practice

  • Tactics

  • Mental preparation

  • Physical preparation

  • Competitions


  • Teach proper swimming and water-polo philosophy in UAE.

  • Develop swimming and water-polo.

  • Compete against other academies and local teams.

  • Selected players will be allowed for scouting training program in international camps.

  • Professional opportunities of having international scholarship profile ID.


Newlands School

Located at Al Warqaa 1, Dubai​


Weekly Kids Training

  • Swimming: Sun-Thursday       5:00pm-6:00pm [U6,U8,U10,U12]

  • Swimming: Friday-Saturday   5:00pm-6:00pm [U6,U8,U10, U12]


Coach ZIZO

Over than 15 years swimming coaching experience

Reliable, punctual and perfect in motivating players.

His achievements

  • American swimming coach association (ASCA)

  • UAE swimming federation

  • International swimming federation (FINA)

  • International life saving (ILS)

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