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The academy is one of Dubai’s premier football academies and runs by the technical director Nicolás Velasco along with his committee providing year-round coaching services.

Our intention is to provide a high quality of football training experience for all students residing generally in Dubai communities. YalaSports emphasizes participation over winning.  We expect you to place emphasis on participation, fun, and tempering your competitive spirit. It provides detailed schemes of work-out and football skills development plans that students will find invaluable.

Bringing professional Spanish football training opportunities to UAE, giving our players the chance to enjoy, play tournaments all around the world be part of international camps, trials with Spanish local clubs, sign with the best agencies sports companies and get scouted by professional scouters from the best Spanish academies.

Our Philosophy

  • The academy teaches students the importance of sporting values, team spirit and togetherness.

  • Master footballing skills

  • We coach players in the Spanish model/philosophy and the coaching programs have been developed to enable students to control the game of football with maximum ball possession and to enjoy the game to the fullest.



  • Teach Spanish football philosophy in UAE.

  • Develop the football player in and off the pitch.

  • Preparing students for the future ahead.

  • Provide students with all personal and social values necessary in life.

  • Compete against other academies and local teams.

  • Selected players will be allowed for scouting training program in Spain.

  • Professional opportunities of having international scholarship profile ID.


Al Salam Community School

Located at Al Tawar 2, Dubai​

Weekly Kids Training

  • Saturday, Monday, Wednesday

       5:30pm-6:30pm [U6,U8,U10]

       6:30pm-8:00pm [U14,U16]

Dubai Investments Park

Located at DIP 1 Next to Carrefour DIP, Dubai​

Weekly Kids Training

  • Sunday, Tuesday

       5:00pm-6:00pm [U6,U8]

       6:00pm-7:30pm [U10,U12]

Newlands School

Located at Al Warqaa 1, Dubai​

Weekly Kids Training​

  • Saturday, Thursday

       5:00pm-6:00pm [U6,U8]

       6:00pm-7:30pm [U10,U12]

2 Seasons Hotel

Located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai​

Weekly Kids Training​

  • Sunday, Friday

       6:30pm-8:00pm [U11]