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We connect corporate & making memories

At YalaSports; we challenge ourselves to bring fresh ideas & energy to every event we produce and builds on the depth of connection fans have with it.


YalaSports have more than 14 years’ experience in corporate sports events. As an organisation we have been involved in events in every capacity you could imagine, whether that is owned or managed all the way through to sponsoring and media partnering with other rights owners 


The activities were to have no barriers of participation level & it is equally in every respect to women & men. We are a company dedicated to bringing any kind of sport competition within the reach of any corporate.



Team building activities are a fantastic way in helping employees learn how to work effectively with their co-workers. Many types of team building and teamwork tasks can involve games that are more fun and entertaining while others may be a bit more complex to work on an area of development.

YalaSports provide a team building services. We believe these events are personal to your business, and it is essential that YalaSports understand your objectives.


If you are considering a team building day for your team, call us and see how we can motivate your team!



We can inspire getting many corporate from different businesses together through sport that directly translate to the working world.


We provide consultative expertise for any every corporate client. Our depth of experience affords you the opportunity to build customized agendas when joining our corporate events, which is truly unique in Dubai.

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