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We train to develop skills, character and attitude. Our year-round basketball programs includes school break camps, weekly sessions, house leagues & after school programs.


We have a full team to design, oversee, and improve our programs and ensuring student’s needs are met.

  • Weekly sessions for boys & girls from 4-16 years old

  • House Leagues for all divisions from age 8 and above

  • Semi-Private & Private Training for ages 10-16


We Build Hero’s

We offers a wide variety of MMA programs to meet all age needs. We are very proud of the level of instruction taught in our classes and believe we have set a model for progressive thinking in the martial arts.

Regardless of skill level whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, we have programs and classes that will suit your needs. We improve kids self-discipline while staying active and building a great spirit which helps in all their aspects of life.

  • Little Ninjas (Ages 4-6)

  • Young Ninjas (Ages 7-12)

  • Advance Gladiator (Ages 7-12)

  • We also offer Private classes and group corporate trainings which are great for team-building and self-defense.


Great water exercises for boys & girls

We provide a fantastic swimming programs for students to improve their stroke mechanics, physical strength, and both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Students participate in a variety of activities that challenges them through fun and creative lessons.

We stress lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills however in our aquatic progressions we work to ensure all kids become comfortable in the water and have fun acquiring and developing a foundation of water skills. 

At the YalaSports, we offer a full range of introductory, beginner, and advanced swim courses, to help students of all ages learn their swimming skills.


  • Parent & Tots from 6 months to 3 years

  • Pre-School Levels Ages 3 years to 5 years

  • Star Ages 6 years and above


A comprehensive Spanish football training from U6-U18 ages. It is designed to maximize enjoyment for students and to set ongoing challenges for them to improve their game. The sharpening of the technical skills of excellent first touch, defensive and exact passing will thread through each session. Students will develop good ways in the game, ball skill through quick feet and a willingness to shoot. Coaches will instruct sessions on Pressure, Possession, Switching Play, Penetration and Counter Attacking.

Individual football trials will be organized on a one to one basis and will depend on several factors which will be decided by the coaches, once we identify players with true potential.

A constantly feedback is a key in our principles and we also provide a full assessment on each student at the end of each program.

Programs that includes a comprehensive weekly football timetable and education whilst at the same time providing realistic and open opportunities to progress into professional football clubs. YalaSports normally arrange a series to showcase matches and enable each player to put into practice the things he has learned, and the chance to impress scouts and coaches alike.

  • U4-U8 Fundamentals

  • U10-U18 Advance

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