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We time and score races of all types and sizes including road races, trail events, endurance races, high school and more.


YalaSports assists with all aspects of race organization from registration, course design, timing and results to marketing and promotion. With a certified Race Director on staff, we will help make your events successful and fun for all participants.


Today’s athletes are adapted to the use of RFID technology for fast, precise results, and YalaSports uses the industry trusted Chronotrack Timing Technology. The platform integrates event organization with athlete services such as live timing, results, photos and videos.


  1. A consolidated race platform enabling turn-key delivery of real-time online, mobile, and social race experiences as well as tools to streamline race and athlete management.

  2. Streamlined process for participant signing up to the timing system till Real-time online results from the course showing athlete splits, pace and rankings.

  3. Mobile results SMS gateway to allow athletes and friends to view their times in real-time during the race and immediately after the event.

  4. Posts to Facebook or Twitter give considerable event exposure to an athlete’s social network.

  5. Live Scoring with Registration integrated to live scoring, data flows directly into the scoring engine, eliminating pre-race data transfers and manual data entry.

  6. Real-Time Results that provides a leaderboard and ability to search for athletes by name or bib to view pace split and finish times, overall results, and more.

  7. Athlete Updates that provides a real-time updates from the course to Facebook & Twitter.

  8. Timing Tags that will enhance the quality of each and every individual’s race experience including the race director, participants, fans, volunteers, and support staff. By eliminating the hassle of chip distribution and collection before and after events, race directors can utilize their volunteers for other facets of the race, rather than complex chip distribution and post-race collection. All our timing tags take advantage of UHF RFID technology.

  9. Digital photography is automatically matched to athlete course times providing no cost digital photography pages available for download.

  10. Athlete Video that is searchable by athlete name or bib, 15 second video clips from the split or finish can be viewed and easily shared on Facebook, Twitter or email.

  11. Generate Instant Reports to provide instant reports to generate results based on the specific needs of the race director, the event, and the athlete, all within the touch of a button.



Timing Tags:

B-tags are environmentally friendly, single use tags that provide improved efficiency.It is also weather resistant and lightweight for an enhanced competitor experience.


Timing Hardware:

It includes CONTROLLER, MATS, ANTENNAS, CABLES & SYSTEM ADD-ONS. Gators or mats & FlashPoints, are placed along the course with high-functioning RFID antennas.

The antennas pass information to the controllers where it is processed on to be scored. The controllers have been designed with a wide range of communication options in order ensure ease of data communication between the hardware and software.


A next generation race platform combing race management and live race services on a live scoring platform. It is a middleware web applications to manipulate and manage data for scoring. 

Payment Gateway:

An embedded international payment gateway is part of the timing solution that can be enabled for any organizer.

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