4th GoStadia Cricket Tournament March 2017

Go Stadia 4th Cricket Championship is planned on March 31st of March 2017.

Join Dubai’s fastest growing indoor Cricket tournament in its 4th event with amazing prizes.

The tournament will bring together the best indoor Cricket talents in Dubai. We are sure that the championship will be highly competitive, and highly rewarding!

Registration ends on 24th of March 2017.

2nd YalaSports  Soccer League

13th April 2017

With thousands of adults playing football every week in Dubai and with newly renovated YalaSports soccer ground that become the ideal venue for organised and competitive outdoor sided games and leagues. This 2nd YalaSports League encourages adults to continue playing and enjoy all aspects of the “beautiful game.”

The aim and objective of this league is to; help promote the health and well-being of the participants, to promote the best practise guidelines for 6 a-side outdoor football and to encourage participation opportunities for all players, referees and coaches, to help promote team building by facilitating the involvement and commitment of every player towards the achievement of expected results.

Registration for the 2017 edition of the outdoor soccer League is open. Every team is allowed to register a maximum of 12 players per team.

The League starts on 13th of April the 2nd week of April, evenings from 6.00pm-11:00pm.

Come and be a part of the 2nd YalaSports Soccer League 2017.